Identification of house plant insects with photos and home treatment!

The key to eradicating all types of house plant pests is to identify their type. Although some home remedies to affect plant insects and kill affect many of them, some successful treatments include creating a suitable growing environment for houseplants. Small white flies fly on the leaves These white flies fly on the leaves and suck the life sap of the plant. At this time, the leaves turn yellow and die. home treatment for these insects; Neem oil spray or rosemary oil and yellow adhesive papers. Neem oil is derived from a tree of the same name and is native to India. Small spiders or spider webs on houseplants Seeing fine spider webs under the leaves is a warning of the presence of spider mites. These tiny spiders are hard to see, so their webs are the best way to spot them. Home remedies for these insects: neem oil or rosemary oil with insecticidal soap or mild liquid soap. Tiny insects in the soil of an apartment pot Fungus gnats lay eggs in the soil, where the larvae develop into black flies. These small flying insects look like fruit flies. Home remedies for these insects: neem oil or rosemary oil spray, hydrogen peroxide soil, apple cider vinegar mixed with a little dishwashing liquid and sugar can also attract their attention. 6 simple and low-cost ways to get rid of mosquitoes at home White cotton-like hairs on the stems of houseplants and the leaves attached to them If you don't get rid of them quickly, they will kill your plant. Home remedy for these bugs: Rub a cloth soaked in alcohol on them to kill the little white bugs. Red, brown, yellow or green clusters of insects on houseplants Aphids are common insects in houseplants. They feed on plant sap and slowly kill them. In these cases, you may see a sticky substance on the plant. Homemade plant pesticide: Clean the plant with insecticidal plant soap or mild liquid soap, or use neem oil or rosemary oil spray with water. Small and narrow yellow, black, or brown insects with pointed tails Thrips are long, thin insects that can crawl and fly. If you don't get rid of these pests as soon as possible, the leaves will turn brown and fall. Home remedies for black bugs: neem oil or rosemary oil spray and mild liquid soap.

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